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Almost everyone dreams of riding in Europe. And Germany, as a country with a developed infrastructure, rich history and culture, occupies a leading position in popularity among tourists. Tourists' acquaintance with Munich starts directly from the city center and from its main attractions: Marienplatz square, the new and old town halls.

The latter, at first glance, does not particularly impress travelers. Its faded appearance, somewhat "shabby" and its simple, even austere architecture, do not in any way fit in with its venerable age of seven hundred years. Tour guides tell the history of the Old Town Hall since its founding in the early 14th century, the Middle Ages. Therefore, tourists initially imagine a pretentious Gothic building, decorated with mythical, huge and gloomy creatures. A deeper knowledge softens the impression of the City Council.
The decoration, the ballroom and the toy museum delight tourists, especially those traveling with children. After taking tours of the building, most guests admit that they are shocked and surprised by what they see.

The unique collection of American and European toys in the museum, the Hall of Soviets and the secondary utility rooms, despite multiple restorations, retain the spirit of old Munich. Those who have become familiar with Munich and its sights plan to return here again and take home a photo of the Old Munich City Hall as a souvenir. And, of course, nice German memories.

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